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What We Do

The full scope of services provided by River of Life Mission can be summed up into three major categories: Rescue, Rehabilitation & Reintegration.


As each day arrives and the Mission opens its doors, Shervelle Gardner, the Operations Director, manages the day’s activities.  She oversees both the staff and volunteers in the various areas of service to guests.  From 6am till 9pm, the River of Life Mission (ROLM) is bustling with activity.


The Food Service staff handles the receiving of deliveries, shopping for supplies, preparing and serving of food, distribution of food boxes, and restocking of the pantry.  They also handle cleaning which includes the scrubbing and disinfecting of tables, chairs, bathrooms and floors.  Meanwhile, homeless people are taking showers or receiving a change of clothing and personal hygienic products.

Be a Part

There are several ways to assist those in need.

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