We have a great group of volunteers.  Some have been with us more than 20 years!


“Who Can Volunteer?”

Individuals at least 16 years old.  

“When Can I Volunteer?”

Greatest need is for help during the day time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Shifts to help in the kitchen, dining room & donations department are: 8am-10:30am or  noon-3:30pm.      

Volunteers choose the start time they prefer, and we ask that volunteers stay for a minimum of one hour. 

“What Can I Do to Help?”

We assign volunteers where we most need help that day.  

If a volunteer comes the same day & time each week, they can work in the area they prefer.  

If you request kitchen duty, we rarely say “no”.

Volunteer Areas & What to Expect

  • Kitchen:  Washing and cutting veggies, making salads, opening cans, mixing juice, cutting pies n cakes, making rice, putting food on plates, frying rice, cleaning steam table, washing pots, etc. Free job training.
  • Dining Room:  Putting breakfast pastries on trays, pouring cereal, making milk, bagging trash, pouring drinks, wiping tables, serving lunch plates, taking trash out, wrapping napkins around forks, greeting the guests, smiling, chatting, “How are you?  God Bless You.”  We show you how.
  • Donations: Sorting, sizing, hanging clothing.  Sorting household goods & hygienic products.  Cutting up rejects into cleaning rags.  
  • Laundry: Washing, drying, folding kitchen towels, aprons & uniforms from chocolate factory.  Washing, drying, folding towels used by guests for showers.  You can do it.
  • Cleaning:  Spraying disinfectant on & scrubbing tables & chairs.  Sweeping & wet mopping floors.  Cleaning mop buckets & trash cans.  Normal kitchen & bathroom type cleaning.  Training provided.
  • Office work:  Answering phones, light computer work, filing or shredding files.  Experience preferred.
  • Chocolate on a Mission: seasonal work.  Some people absolutely love this job.  If this is your choice, we recommend you bring a sweatshirt with you.  The area is almost as cold as the North Pole but the training is free.

A Few Last Things

Standard dress code for volunteers is jeans, t shirt and rubber sole shoes that cover your toes. 

Longer hair styles need to be pulled back off your face.  Clean hands, hair and fingernails are a must.

If you work in the kitchen we supply hairnets.  Hairnets are not necessary in Dining Room.

“How do I get started?”

Please call Shervelle to set up a time to come in and talk with us.  We may even have you volunteer the same day if you are free.

Call 524-7656 between 9am & 5pm M-F.  Or, you can email volunteers@riveroflifemission.org